NutrientCore is proud to welcome Parkland Agrophysics to our growing family.

With over 25 years of experience helping farmers maximize their field potential and a wealth of regional knowledge our partners at Parkland Agrophysics in Manitoba is taking agricultural data to the next level.

Parkland Agrophysics

With a unique and dedicated approach that is proven in regenerating soil health, crop quality and maximizing yields. Parkland agrophysics’ works not only hand in hand with the farmer but hand and soil, directly in their fields. To achieve this consistent success Parkland implements their agrophysics approach, using agronomy, science, physics and their state of the art instruments they are able to extract and understand the complexity of the soils, water , and tissues analysis from their farmers’ fields to their in-house laboratory.

Parklands (CCA) certified agronomist, unlike other companies gather high volume samples. This allows them to produce highly accurate data that truly represents millions of pounds of soil. Benchmark samples are taken based on an array of factors including but not limited to field history, application methods, and past fertilizer use. The samples are then examined and profiled. The samples are then stored in climate controlled safe separately to be examined in the future for quality and similarities.

Parkland Agrophyics understands the importance of nutrient control and transparency. Now they can seamlessly connect their farmers to NutrientCore’s technology, providing them their own dedicated online account, designed for their specific farms, fields, crops, yield target, fertilizers, factors, soil results, water results, tissue results, application amounts, timing and ratio applications and fertilizer costs. The software needs no download and is extremely user friendly. It is designed for you to understand.

This hands on no nonsense approach is why Parkland Agrophysics is a leader in the field. Empowering movement that allows farmers to reach new heights. It is no wonder why we here at NutrientCore are delighted to be partnering with such a professional and enthusiastic company such as Parkland Agrophysics. Putting to use NutrientCore user friendly platform they are able to ensure that farmers have full transparency over the fertilizers they employ. Parkland puts to use NutirentCore’s innovative nutrient algorithm ensuring your farms success for generations to come.