NutrientCore is proud to welcome Lakeside Grain and Feed Limited to our growing family.

With more than 50+ years working with farmer’s lakeside adds crucial knowledge and expertise when it comes to dealing and understanding the farmers in the region. By providing Lakeside with the most sophisticated nutrient software it allows them the tools to focus their attention, time and resources on unlocking your field’s potential and maximizing your yield potential.

Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited

Lakesides agronomic services team is comprised of crop specialists including Certified Crop Advisers with over 20+ years’ experience. Their regional position and understanding of current field factors, conditions and outbreaks allows them to adapt, adjust and adopt Innovative and sustainable solutions for production of high yielding and high value quality crops, while offering the right fertilizers, right model and a range of equipment to maximize your farms potential and future profitability.

Season 2019

Precision Agriculture
Compliance Excellence

Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited Agronomic team understands the importance of nutrient control and transparency and the importance of the understanding from the farmer’s side. They also see the need to progress and incorporate technology that helps them maximize their farmer’s success.

Utilizing NutrientCore’s technology allows Lakeside to directly provide their farmers access to customized crop fertility plans and provides the ability to build and manage programs, reports, costs, projections, schedules, and determine specific fertilizers options and application timing in a way you have never seen before. This promotes your confidence and provides you nutrient clarity as the data and factors are determined by highly advanced nutrient algorithms that is accessible to you.

Contact info: 
Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited.
Tel: 519-786-2106 
Toll Free: 1-800-265-3899 
7858 Rawlings Rd.
Forest, Ontario

Lakeside is a joint venture partner with The Agronomy Company of Canada and is a leading supplier of crop protection products, crop nutrients and seeds to cash crop and livestock producers. Lakeside is a distributor for Syngenta Seeds, DeKalb Seeds and Croplan Seeds. Lakeside supplies soybean meal and distributes feeds for New Life Brand Feeds as well as Buckeye and Purina Equine feeds. Lakeside operates retail branches across the region and works with farmers south and north of the border.