Running a successful Farm takes time, investment and fine-tuning to meet the individual and specific demands of your crops.

Fortunately, the advancements in Ag technology gives farmers the ability to grow more with less. 

At one end of the agriculture spectrum is the technology to gather field data - such as water, soil and tissue analysis. At the other end is modern application technology - which can provide the right fertilizers and water at the right place and at the right time or times.

However, to get from one end to the other end of the spectrum requires that you calculate hundreds of factors, including crop fertility needs, application amounts, timing and ratio applications and a myriad of fertilizer types and solutions.

This is why NutrientCore has developed the most innovative nutrient algorithm that closes the technological gap that exists. We provide our “partner” Ag companies with their own Precision Ag platform which is designed to create, manage and promote clients' accounts on a cloud-based platform that is accessible by all their farmer customers.

Your farm is not your neighbour’s farm. Every field has a different nutrient blueprints effected by multiple factors and regional limitations. More precision, control and support is needed.

  • NutrientCore’s platform

    seamlessly connects one of our dedicated partners to your farm by providing you with your own secure online account, uniquely designed to meet your crops’ specific needs, whether it is for any or all factors including specific fields, crops, yield targets, fertilizers, factors, soil results, water results, tissue results, application amounts, timing and ratio applications or fertilizer costs. The software needs no download and is extremely user-friendly.

  • Working with the sector not against it

    Even though we have developed the software for farmer use, we choose not to deal directly with farmers.

  • The AG Industry is unlike any other industry in the market

    The regional actors (retailers) play a huge part within the community where they live and work. They obtain priceless agronomical regional knowledge that they provide to their farmers, building relationships and trust throughout the process.

  • We choose to focus our resources where it’s needed

    And so can our partners. By not directly dealing with farmers on an agronomical level allows us to direct our focus on advancing our technology, our time and our resources into NutrientCore.


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