Only NutrientCore’s platform can seamlessly connect Ag companies to their farmers.

By providing them with their own dedicated online account, uniquely designed to meet the farmers specific needs, whether it is for any or all factors including specific farms, fields, crops, yield targets, fertilizers, fertilizer history, factors, soil results, water results, tissue results, application amounts, timing and ratio applications or fertilizer costs. The software needs no download and is extremely user-friendly.

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Providing Your Business The Most Advanced Nutrient Management Platform Your Farmers Need.

NutrientCore platforms provide control and management for crop nutrient requirements. Designed for all types of growers, laboratories, consultants, retailers and fertilizer companies.

Our platform interprets field data and environmental and closed conditions and customizes a nutrient fertility program to maximize crop growth and yield. It provides you with the ability to build programs, reports, costs, projections, schedules, and determine the specific fertilizers and application timing. Providing farmers nutrient transparency and nutrient control. NutrientCore can be used at any growth stage or with a predefined application plan and will recommend which fertilizer products to use based on nutrient compositions and fertilizer availability. Being cloud-base it can be easy integrated with various equipment’s and systems


Build a precise crop nutrient fertility map based on variety of crop, application, growth stages and target yields. Store all information in one convenient place. Log and adjust crop activities, yield data, fertilizer reports, analysis reports, fertigation reports, tank reports, fertilizer usage and fertilizer cost. Providing a full report from planting to harvest giving you the ability to analyses season to season, storing all data and all growing history - easily and readily accessible.

Use Nutrient Core to achieve full control and confidence to reach the target yields and to insure a profit with your agricultural investment.

Soil testing is a complex yet critical element of crop production. It is necessary to determine the physical, chemical and biological health or condition of the soil. By entering the soil analysis into your NutrientCore platform our algorithm will adjust your nutrient program based on the physical, chemical and biological results from the soil analysis. This allows you to alter your crops’ nutrient needs and fertilizer applications at any given time throughout the growth cycle.


Plant tissue analysis is an extremely useful tool which can complement soil testing for growers and is mandatory for soilless culture. Not only can plant tissue testing be used to monitor the nutrient status of plants but it can help identify nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. This allows growers to more effectively tailor their NutrientCore platform to fine-tune a crop's specific needs. By preventing nutrient deficiencies before they adversely affect production, cost savings are realized by unnecessary and remedial fertilizer application.

Water quality is also an important component and testing your water is critical as water is a vehicle by which outside materials are taken into the plant. The quality and content of the irrigation water can greatly affect the success of your crop. In hydroponics, it is possible to achieve high yields and high qualities when water and nutrients are given in the required quantities as determined by your NutrientCore platform. Therefore, it is important to know what quality of water is being used, and, consequently, what corrections in fertilization are required.

The RIGHT fertilizer source at the RIGHT rate, at the RIGHT time and in the RIGHT place. These are critical for suitability, sustainability, plant growth, plant resilience, plant health, plant quality and plant quantity. NutrientCore is scientifically designed to allow our clients to achieve the 4 R’s by building and maintain specific crop fertility plans. In addition, it provides a complete management platform.


NutrientCore achieves this by providing customized platforms to all in the Ag sector to allow full control and management of their fertilization programs wherever located.

NutrientCore has the innovated ability to allow analyze various forms of data from customized nutrient maps, integrated drone maps, sensors, soil analysis, water analysis and tissue analysis, allowing NutrientCore’s algorithm to interpret the data and provide precision fertilizer recipes and absolute clarity to the nutrient needs of the crop consistently throughout its growth cycle allowing adjustments to the fertilizer application at any time with a click of a button.

The complete Ag management platform designed for all in Ag industry!

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